Group NeuroMovement® Fitness Classes

These classes are for everyone. Whether you have issues or not, these classes will give you the tools to create the changes you seek. This is not an exercise class. it is about learning to move smarter, easier, safer, more efficiently, and with more power. 

When we were children we learned to move our bodies through play, but as we grew older, we may have forgotten these early lessons, especially if inactivity or injury has been part of our lives. When this happens we often adopt movement patterns that are not optimal, and these may cause pain or disability.

This Neuromovement method is a way to gently reeducate ourselves through movement that helps to reorganize our nervous system.

By attending multiple group classes, you will explore through a variety of gentle movements that build upon each other to become aware of how you move and how it feels to move with your whole self. This gives your brain the ability to  perceive differences, integrating more parts of yourself into each movement. This helps to  reduce patterns that create pain and tension, and for athletes, is a way to refine movement enhancing timing, strength and power.

These lessons are structured and taught in such a way that people of all physical abilities can participate at their own pace. I recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing.

Weekly Schedule

There are no Floor movement classes happening at this time.

If you are interested, please email/call/text me. I can do private floor lessons, or private small group lessons  at this time.  Again, please call/text or email me.

“Each time I have a lesson I feel a shift in my body and brain. It has transformed my work and play! I have more ease, better balance, and more energy because I’m using more of my body. It makes everything I do more joyful and less painful.” - Cheryl