Children's NeuroMovement® Lessons

The Anat Baniel Method is a revolutionary neuroscientific approach for waking up your child’s brain, providing it with the information and conditions to thrive, and to powerfully transform limitations into surprising new possibilities.

Many diseases and traumas interrupt the normal and spontaneous process of learning. This disruption changes the conversation between the brain and the body. By leading the brain through slow and gentle guided movements that communicate with the nervous system, and by applying the Nine Essentials in the learning process, we allow the child's brain to experience and explore many more possibilities that were not evident before.

I do not “fix” problems or make kids “better” in the traditional way of thinking in terms of cause and effect. Instead, I believe each person has an immense capacity to learn and change if their system is given the chance to be heard, and if they are given the opportunity to create new conversations between their brain and body through kinesthetic movement.

Kid's Lesson Price and Length

A series of lessons creates the best initial outcomes. 9-12 lessons within 3-5 days is a good place to start with your child. Children often get more from an intensive series like this, giving them a lot of information to feel and process. 

Children's lessons are 30 minutes in length, and are $60 per lesson, $75 if I am traveling to you.

Series are often done every 4-6 weeks. Some children come weekly for a lesson. These

lessons may start at 30 minutes as the child gets used to table time, then often move to 45-60 minutes in length. The cost being $75 for 45 minutes, and $100 for an hour. 

To further your understanding of the Anat Baniel Method's transformational power for children, and how it can become a part of your family's daily life, I highly recommend reading the book Kids Beyond Limits by Anat Baniel.

“Our son felt comfortable with Jan immediately; she is so kind and compassionate. He has very limited mobility and is reliant on others. She succeeds in making him feel safe, respected and capable. His range of motion, although limited, is always easier after lessons with Jan.” - Jillyn