Adult NeuroMovement® Lessons

Adults can use NeuroMovement to overcome pain, improve balance, increase flexibility and strength, overcome limitations due to injuries or surgeries, and for enhanced fitness and performance.


Through this work you'll gain valuable understanding of how your muscular and skeletal systems work together. When you start moving in more desirable patterns, your nervous system quickly adapts to new learnings, replacing the less desirable patterns of movement. This is called "reorganization" of the body by the brain.

Adult Lesson Price and Length

The best outcomes come from the result of a series of lessons. The length of each lesson is 60 minutes and costs $100. Together we can figure out the best way forward. 

If you are in financial straits, please call, and we can arrange a different fee schedule.

Your learning as an adult can also be amplified through movement lessons that you can practice at home. The book Move into Life by Anat Baniel can help you understand and apply the principles of this work in your daily life.

“Each time I have a lesson I feel a shift in my body and brain. It has transformed my work and play! I have more ease, better balance, and more energy because I’m using more of my body. It makes everything I do more joyful and less painful.” - Cheryl